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property management

Make Life Easy - Let Us Manage and Rent Your Home For You!

Having been short term rental owners ourselves for many years we feel it has given
us an insight as to what you would expect from us when you employ our
services to manage your Florida home.

We treat each home as if it where our own and we ensure all homes are
kept in tip top condition so that when you visit you can sit back and relax.

Contact Us Today!

  • Pre Checks

      Each home is pre checked by a member of our staff to ensure the home is ready for the guests arrival.

  • Welcome Baskets

      We can arrange welcome baskets of any size for your guests, these will either be paid for by the guest or the owner as a gift. Please ask for more details.

  • Guests Registration / Security Deposits

      Florida State law requires all guests to register within 24 hours of arrival, we realize that it is sometimes not posible to meet with all guests as they may not be in when we call, but we will leave a registration form in the home for their completion which will will then collect. Security deposits are also taken (usually in way of a credit card) for all guest we place in your home and is held on file against any breakages that may occur during their stay.

  • Guest Relations

      We offer various guests services, including attraction tickets, car hire & golf discount vouchers, we are also available to offer help and advise and to generally assist the guests to ensure they have a wonderful vacation.

  • 24Hr Emergency Response

      We offer a 24 hour emergency telephone number so we can be reached in an emergency when the office is closed.

  • Departure Checks

      Following each departure the home is checked again to make sure there are no damaged or missing items.

  • Schedule Housekeeping

      Housekeeping will be scheduled following the guests departure ensuring your home is spic & span ready for the next guests.

  • Schedule Pool Care

      We will schedule to pool cleans to ensure the pool is sparkling ready for your guests arrival.

  • Schedule Lawn Maintenance

      We will schedule the lawn maintenance according to the season.

  • Schedule Pest Control

      Pest control is important in Florida and will be scheduled regularly, we are also on hand to tackle any creepy crawly that may crop up in between this schedule.

  • Schedule Maintenance

      Maintenance is occasionally required and we will ensure a fully licensed and insured contractor is used for any work neccessary.

  • Weekly Home Checks (when vacant)

      We will check on each home on a weekly basis when un occupied and report any issues we may find.

  • Marketing Property for Rental

      We will market your property for rental through our own website free of charge and we will also list your home on an external advertizing site to help maximize your rental potential.

  • Advise re taxes / licensing etc

      Although it is the responsibility of the owner to apply for all taxes and licenses, we are on hand to help and advise if needed.

  • Provide a Monthly Invoice to Owner

      Each month a full statement / invoice will be provided to the owner itemizing any income or expenses that have occured.

“A really friendly and professional service is provided 24 hours a day. Sandra and Paul regularly update us with any issues or occurrences. We feel lucky to have found such a trustworthy, competent and hard working team that we are absolutely confident are looking after our home. Our home is always in great shape when we visit.”

Bill & Debbie - Plymouth, UK

“We have been involved with property management companies in Central Florida for nearly 19 years. We have now found a company that ticks all the boxes as their service is first class! We would highly recommend this company to anyone. Well done 1st Choice Villa Rentals & Property Management. ”

Mike & Jackie - East Sussex, UK

General Management

At 1st Choice Villa Rentals & Property Management we can offer you the best service at a competitive price. We work with our owners to tailor our services to their requirements, each home and owner is different so why be tied down to a contract that does not fit your needs or requirements. Contact us today to see how we can help you.
  • Full Clean on Guest Departure

      Following the departure of each guest your home will be fully cleaned and prepared for the next guests arrival.

  • Mid Stay Cleans (Per Guest Paid Request)

      As requested & paid for by guest.

  • Spring Cleans

      We recommend that each home is "Spring" cleaned at least once per year, during this clean all high level shelves, base boards, linens, towels, light fittings etc are cleaned. rates will be advised for approval before the work is carried out.

  • Window Cleaning (Ground Floor only)

      Internal & External window cleaning can be scheduled as part of the "Spring" clean or as often as required. Rates will be provided for approval before any work is carried out.

  • Carpet Cleaning

      To keep your carpets in as good of a condition as possible for as long as possible it is advised that carpets are cleaned once ot twice a year. Rates will be provided for approval before any work is carried out.


Probably the most single important factor in creating a lasting impression of the homes is its appearance when guests first arrive. As each group vacates the Property, we will come into the home and leave it spotlessly clean, ready for the next guests to arrive. Each clean is also personally inspected to ensure the standards are maintained to the highest level.
  • Change A/C Filters

      In order to keep your A/C running efficiently we will change the A/C filters on a regular basis.

  • Change Light Bulbs

      Light bulbs can "go" at any time, we will therefore check all bulbs are working before the guests arrival and change any as required. Low level standard bulbs will be changed out free of charge, but any specialized bulbs or high level bulbs will be charged to your monthly statement.

  • Schedule Appliance Repairs

      We are always on hand to schedule and meet with appliance repair companies.

  • Scheduling Painting / Decorating

      As part of keeping your home fresh looking we can schedule any painting and decorating requirements (internal or external, including deck painting). We will provide you with quotes for your approval before any work is carried out. Please ask for more details.

  • A/C & Pool Heater Preventative Maintenance & Repair

      We recommend that all A/C units and Pool Heaters are serviced at least once per year in way of preventative maintenance.


We can schedule any type of maintenance that maybe required, from changing a light bulb to putting a new roof on. We also offer preventative maintenance plans for your A/C and Pool Heating equipment. Whatever it is you need give us a call and we will gladly assist you with your requirements.
  • Clean Filter

      The pool filters are cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they are operating efficiently.

  • Brushing

      Brushing the pool walls and floor is one of the most important parts of the pool service, this will remove any small particles of dust that can accumilate.

  • Skimming / Net

      As part of the pool service we will skim / net any leaves or particles that float to the top of the pool leaving it clear and inviting,

  • Vacuum (as required)

      Occasionally the bottom of the pools can have debris that cannot be swept away by the filter so we will vacuum the pool floor to remove it.

  • Check/ Adjust Chemical Balance

      Each week the pool water is tested to ensure the correct chemical balance.

  • Apply Chemical Treatments as Required

      Following the weekly water test, chemicals will be added to the water as required to treat & remove any phosphates or algaes that may be present.

  • Wash Deck

      As part of the pool service we will wash the deck as and when required so that any dust & dirt is cleaned away leaving a fresh, inviting area.

  • Activate / Deactivate Pool Heater

      During the months of October to March it is usually requested by the guests to have the pool heated, so we will make sure it is turned on ready for their arrival and switched off when they depart.

Pool Care

A pool is an important part of any Florida home, and keeping it clean and chemically balanced is very important for the health and safety of you and your guests as well as the life expectancy of your pool. We will provide a weekly service to keep the pool in peak condition.
  • Cutting

      The lawns are cut as required by the season to keep them neat & tidy

  • Strim / Weedwacking

      All areas against walls, screens and treesa are stimmed to give a nice clean cut.

  • Edging

      The lawn is edged to give it a sharp clean feel.

  • Blowing

      All grass cuttings are blown away leaving a clean tidy area.

  • Bush Trimming

      Low level bushes will be trimmed as required.

  • Tree Trimming

      Trees will be trimmed as required and large oak & palm trees will be cut once or twice per year (depending on growth).

  • Planting

      We can landscape areas to your specific requirements and budgets, please ask for more details.

  • Mulching

      During the Fall / Winter season or just before Spring we will usually evaluate the mulch in your yard to see if it needs replacing or topping up.

  • Lawn Weed / Feed & Pest Control

      We apply fertilizer on a bi-monthly basis to help keep your grass healthy.

  • Advise Additional Work to Be Carried Out

      If we feel that any additional work needs to be carried out we will liase with the owner and provide quotes for the work to be carried out.

Lawn Maintenance

The appearance of your yard can play a large factor in the overall appearance of your home, and in many cases it is the outside appearance that makes the Property stand out and appealing to the potential renter. We will provide a yard service, normally once a week during the high season and as needed during the low season.